Terms And Conditions

Please read the below-mentioned terms and conditions of use before examining this website. The use and access of this website is subjected to the following terms and conditions which contain mandatory arbitration as well as resolution sections. The following agreement holds true as a governing document for the use of www.eflip.in (“Website”) as provided by the governing authorities. The visitors of the site are requested to read the agreement carefully and abide by the detailed laws and related information that constitute it. The visitor is requested not to refer this site in case he/she is not in agreement with the aforementioned rules. 

You, as a visitor registering on the Eflip website, are responsible for maintaining absolute confidentiality of your account related information. Your account information shall be solely used by you and shall not do with anyone who is not a registered user. You are entitled to bring to our immediate notice about any unauthorized use of your account or related activities.

User Content and your use of content

The content of this website is solely prepared to provide information about Eflip and regular news updates. No warranty or representation is made for the accuracy or completeness of information given on the website. Eflip makes no legal commitment to update or reflect subsequent events or news related information except those that are required as per legal norms and procedures. 

The right to use content of this website is subjected to your compliance with the aforementioned terms of use. The visitor has to agree not to modify, copy, publish, reproduce or create any derivative works related to content appearing on this website without the prior written content of Eflip. You are responsible to ensure that any content, graphics, text, images, videos, photographs or material being posted at the site (including chats, personal ads, bulletin boards, forums, or others) does not violate any proprietary, trademark or copyright laws. 

The website content along with graphics, videos, images, and other related material is herewith identified as “Assets”, which are protected by the national copyright, trademark and intellectual property laws. The user of the website shall agree not to modify, attack, interfere, disrupt or reverse engineer with the website or associated software. 

The visitors or users of the website are entitled to submit content under various sections of the Eflip website for the purpose of publication. All kinds of interactions with the Eflip authorities are governed as per T&Cs and guidelines mentioned. On submission of any content, it is agreed that the needful permissions are received for creation and publication of content on the website. 

The owner / individual submitting the content holds the copyright issues pertaining to the content sent to the Eflip website. However, as the content is submitted to us, we are granted by a transferable, perpetual, irrevocable and unconditional license (and to authorize third parties simultaneously) to transmit your content in any format on any platform. 

The content submissions for news updates shall not be harassing, fraudulent, invasive, obscene, threatening or invasive to anyone’s privacy. No content shall be posted on the site that is deliberately intended to harm or upset the viewers. No content shall be posted that contains any kind of software viruses, programs, files – which are designed to destroy / limit / interrupt the functionality of the Eflip website. Eflip holds no liability for failure or inability to post regular news updates or relevant content on the website. 

Your Acceptance of Terms 

You abide to legally agree and accept the terms and conditions by visiting this website. This includes legalities related to modifications, applicable laws as well as rules and regulations. If this is not agreed upon by the visitor, he/she is not entitled to use this website as per applicable rules and regulations. 

It is advised to the visitors to review content of this section of the website regularly to be informed of relevant details. The visitor of the website is in agreement of not to create, copy, display, modify or publish similar content or material as appearing on this website. If this needs to be done, it needs specific legal consent from governing authorities of Eflip. Any kind of content modification on this website is not permissible as per applied norms, guidelines and regulations. 

Details for registration

You may register with Eflip by holding an account with us and simultaneously managing confidentiality pertaining to the account details and credentials. No registration accounts shall be created for the purpose of hampering the functionality of the website. You are entitled to notify us if in any case your account credentials are misused by others. 

Termination of registration

In any case, if you do not wish to proceed with your registered account, you may terminate or deactivate the same by contacting us at this email: [email protected] If the applicable terms and conditions are not accepted by you, you may discontinue or cease using the Eflip website. The continued use of the Eflip website automatically indicates the acceptance of aforementioned terms and conditions. If the terms and conditions are not agreed upon, we may deactivate your access to the website without any prior notice. 

Intellectual Property and Holding Claims of Copyright Infringement

Efip completely respects the intellectual property of other websites and expects the same from its users. If the visitor finds that the content on the website infringes the copyright laws, a legal notification pertaining to the same shall be submitted to us at the contact details mentioned on the website. 

Use of material being displayed on Eflip Website

The news related information available on Eflip website is not to be used for commercial purpose. Eflip is authorized to be the sole owner of complete content displayed over the website. Laws and regulations related to patents, copyrights, IPRs, logos, trade names (related to text, images, audio-visual content, logos, graphics and other relevant content) shall be applicable herewith. 

The complete content on the website shall be protected as per the country’s copyright and IPR laws. The visitor may extract content from the website for non-commercial purpose only and shall abide by copyright laws pertaining to the downloaded material. 

Non-commercial use of website content shall always be legally restricted, except for those wherein prior approval is sanctioned. No database or electronic copies of information can be created of the displayed content on the website as this shall compromise on the originality of content appearing on the site. 

Disclaimer of liability

As per applicable laws, Eflip does not hold any responsibility for content posted on the website. No content on the site is published at the request of sole individual/s. In any case of arised confusion due to doing / not doing / viewing / reading of content published on the website – Elip shall not be liable for any loss related to the same. No warranties are given pertaining to the content posted on the website. We do not hold any liability for any kind of interruption or delay in news updates being displayed on the site. 

Limitation of Liability

To the extent as permissible by law, Eflip and the governing authorities including employees, agents, officers and directors shall not be responsible for any direct / consequential / incidental / direct / indirect / special / otherwise) resulting from inability or ability to use the website and its content (and other relevant information). These limitations are applicable only to the extent as permissible by legal norms. Eflip may provide links to other third parties (for “External Services”) and such third parties shall share the data as per their privacy policies. It is advisable to be aware of these terms and conditions when assessing the website at your own risk. 

Advertising by third party on Eflip Site

Eflip timely updates advertising material by third party agencies on the website, for which the advertiser is solely responsible for the posted content. Eflip holds no liability for any inaccuracy or error in the displayed content by the advertiser. For posting any advertisements on the website, you are requested to kindly email the concerned team at ………. so that relevant projects could be executed accordingly. 

Website Service

Eflip reserves complete rights to add, delete, modify or discontinue with content being posted at the site (whether temporarily or permanently). The general guidelines and limitations pertaining to functions and services mentioned on the website need to be followed distinctively. 

Data Protection (200 words)

To find out about how we collect news information and update our website, visitors are requested to refer to our privacy policy section. The information pertaining to the same shall be updated by us from time to time and EFlip holds absolute right to update information without your consent. 

Changes to terms and conditions of use

Eflip timely makes revisions in its terms and conditions at its sole discretion. It has the legal authority to make the needful changes without prior consent from users or visitors. The revised T&Cs shall be applicable while posting on the Eflip website. It needs to be ensured that the terms and conditions are regularly updated on the site as and when required. 

Imposed laws 

Eflip shall agree to defend, indemnify and hold company affiliates and their service providers  from all kinds of claims, expenses, costs, damages, liabilities and much more arising due to breach of violation of terms of use. 

Claims related to copyright infringement

Eflip respects the IPR rights of other news sites and asks its users to do the same. In case of inappropriate circumstances, Eflip has the legal authority to terminate infringer’s access to the website and its services. In any case you find that the copyright issues are being hampered by content being displayed at the site, you may notify us at the contact details mentioned at the website. 

Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

The visitor as well as Eflip, both benefit by holding a legal environment with regards to information, content and other details given on the website. Thus, any kind of dispute or claim that may arise between the visitor and Eflip in reference to provided information or content of the website shall be governed by applicable laws of the country. 

To resolve issues related to website content and pertaining information, we have hereby mentioned the resolution process. Eflip chooses informal discussion over the involved issues pertaining to infringement or misuse of given website information / content on the site. You are requested to send your complete personal contact details on our correspondence address so that the issues could be resolved accordingly on priority. To reach to a conclusive decision related to involved legal matters, Eflip authorities will make the best efforts for subsequent discussions for about … days. 


The mentioned terms of use depicts complete understanding and agreement between the visitor and Eflip for the website use and contemporaneous understandings related to the same. If any terms and conditions are found to be invalid or illegal, then they shall not be enforceable as per concerned legal agreements. No warranty or representation is made by Eflip about the content available on the website available for use across the globe.